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Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 14.5

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Chapter 14

Bertia 17 Years Old (4)



Part 5/5

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro



“What is going to be fine? The scenario is already messed up, you know? We’re heading at full speed toward the bad end!!”

Trivia: *Lynne misspelled and wrote bed end and didn’t even realize it*
Sen: I’m sorry! I laughed so hard at your “bed end” typo!!!
Oblivious Lynne: I misspelled what?!!


“Tia likes me?”


“W-w-wha?! What are you talking about?! Such a thing, I…”


“Earlier you said, [the Cecil-sama that I love], though?”


“…?! T-that is… but, I’m the villainess.”



With her bright red face, Bertia fell down.

But looking at her expression and behavior, her feelings are very clear.


“Then, it’s going to be fine.”

“Like I said, what is going to…”

“Since I also like Tia.”




Bertia, whose whole body couldn’t flush any more red than this, opened her eyes so wide they looked like they would fall out from surprise.

Her mouth fluttered open and closed without being able to utter a word, and in response, my expression melted into a sweet smile the likes of which I have never shown before.

I gently lifted her chin and captured those restlessly quivering eyes, securely meeting her gaze.



“Although I am incompetent, but as long as you capture me, I feel like I can become both a better crown prince and capture target. That’s why… you are my [fated girl].”


What I languidly expressed left her in complete chaos. Then, over herー over my beloved’s lips, I softly pressed my own.






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At the same time that our lips separated after overlapping for only a moment, Bertia’s soundless scream and Kuro’s menacing voice resounded.

Simultaneously, the back of Bertia’s left hand was wrapped in a mysterious light for a moment, but it went unnoticed by Bertia, who was on the verge of exploding with her ripening, bright-red face.


I covered her mouth with my hands and the moment I thought to take a better look at my adorable Miss Fiancée’s face—whose eyes, despite looking bewildered, didn’t carry a trace of rejection— my field of vision was obstructed by a fluffy black object.

Her spirit, Kuro, thrust herself between us with her lustrous tail fluffed up to three times the usual size, hugging that small body of Bertia in order to protect her, trying to intimidate me.


I predicted that things would become like this in the end, but I felt that it was slightly unpleasant to have the warmth within my arms snatched away like this.

Well, with Kuro’s tail being clad in a black lightning, I can’t provoke her any more than this, though.


“Ce-cecil-sama!! What did you…?! I-I’m the villainess, not the heroine!!”

“To me, the heroine is you. Come, look.”


Bertia who finally came to her senses in Kuro’s arms was glaring at me with teary eyes, but with her current bright red face, it doesn’t have any effect.

Rather, I feel like it seems to bring a different kind of warmth from the depth of my body.

I pointed at the back of her hand, urging her to notice.

Even with her suspicious expression, she raised her hand and obediently looked at the back that was lighting up.




The moment she saw what was on the back of her hand, she got goosebumps. As if to response that, Kuro’s expanded tail also grew.


“W-w-w-why did this mark appear on me?! Eh?! I’ve always thought of myself as a villainess, but could it be that I was the heroine all along?! No, there’s no way that could happen!! I’m certainly a villainess!! I’m a third-rank villainess, though?!”


On the back of the hand that Bertia rubbed in her bewilderment, there was a mark with various colors intermingling into some kind of an aurora.

The mark resembled some kind of a crest at the size of a coin, and it was designed beautifully as if it was carved intentionally.


“Tia, the proof that you’ve been selected as my special partner is there on your hand. If the master wills it, the spirits extend their protection to the one and only partner that their master chose. That is the proof. You called it as the [proof of the fated girl], but that’s exactly it. That is the mark bestowed on the fated partner that [I’ve chosen].”


As Bertia tilted her head while saying, “Eh? Eh? So it has that kind of meaning?” She stared and repeatedly blinked at the mark that was on the back of her own hand.

Though Bertia was easily convinced with that, if I’d said earlier that it was the [proof of the fated girl], there’s no doubt that she’d misunderstand it with the [heroine].

Rather than saying that it was [proof given to your partner], saying that it was a [special mark that emerged because they were the fated partner] would increase the feeling of being special, and that would be able to give the impression to the partner that they were the [one and only].

It becomes a good way to bind your partner to yourself.



“As long as it’s there, if there is danger around you, it will be transmitted to me and Zeno, and even if there’s a little danger, Zeno’s power will protect you. Even if you go far away, I’ll know your whereabouts, so even if you’re kidnapped or become lost, I will be able to quickly find you, you know? …You can no longer run away from me, so prepare yourself okay?”


I purposely announced that as a warning and to tell her that I’m also not planning to let her escape anymore.

Though there might be some things that could make her frightened, I’m going to make it up for her by cherishing her manyfold…


“I see!! So it’s that kind of a thing!!”


When I smiled with gloomy inner thoughts, Bertia cut off that line of thinking right away as her whole face lit up.

…Hey, did you hear my previous words just now? It’s fine if you show a bit more reaction to that?



“With that, if Cecil-sama is in danger, I’ll be able to come and help, and even if you disappear or even if you’re at home, your location will be leaked to me!! I will be able to come and find you, right?! As for the shut-in route and the war-crazy route… I will try my best so that Cecil-sama can enjoy himself!! If it’s for Cecil-sama’s sake, I’ll show you that I can learn even [juggling], [belly dance], or even [loach-catching dance]!!”


[Juggling]? [Belly dance]? [Loach-catching dance]? I can’t really understand what those are, but did she begin to run towards a strange direction again?

Hey, be a little more frightened of my attachment, or something…



“Now, Kuro, this is my request!! Give the same thing to Cecil-sama!! With that, we might be able to erase half of the routes!! Cecil-sama is really brilliant!!”


…Hey, Bertia. You really don’t have any interest in listening to me, do you?

Aah, yup. As long as it can make Bertia happy, of course I will happily accept that proof, but I wonder if it’s really okay?

She understands the meaning… No, she definitely doesn’t understand it.

She came up with a different interpretation, and is now absorbed in it.



As for Kuro… Aah, she is making a very unwilling face. I see, she can’t refuse Bertia’s request, right?

I understand. It’s not like you succumbed to the temptation of [inarizushi]1 that Bertia suggested to negotiate with you, right?

I don’t see your tail slightly wagging at the mention of [inarizushi]. I don’t see anything, okay?


“Now, Kuro, do it!! Oh my, for some reason, I totally feel like a villainess now? As expected of me!!”


Somehow, I don’t quite get it, but well, if my prey jumps into my pocket on her own, then it’s only right for me to just be thankful and enjoy myself, right?


“Then, Kuro, can I ask you to do it?”


When I smiled and presented the same left hand as Bertia’s to Kuro, Kuro’s mouth soured as if to say, “Eh~” and giving the impression like, “It can’t be helped, then!”, that bushy tail hit the back of my left hand with all of her strength.

Surprisingly, that amount of strength wasn’t out of displeasure so I’ll take it as a pep talk to say, “I’m relying on you to take care of her,” okay?


“Yup, it’s beautifully made. Kuro’s mark is really cool.”


After her tail left me, I looked at the back of my hand where there was something similar to a black crest imprinted.

This is certainly Kuro’s mark that has a completely different shape than Zeno’s.


“With this, everything will be fine!! After that, I can avoid the war together with Cecil-sama… Aaaaaah!! That’s right!! After my downfall event, the internal traitors who were supposed to be linked to my father should be revealed, but since there was no downfall, they won’t be revealed!!”

“Aah, it’s surely about Count Uradil, so it’s fine. He has already been processed.”


“Eh? Eeh?! T-that, but the s-scenario!!”

“You’re still talking about it? Hasn’t the scenario already completely collapsed? Afterall, you’ve become my fated partner, too.”

“He? Partner?”

“I already told you this is the proof of that, you know? Speaking of which, it’s possible to make it invisible, but it can’t be erased in a lifetime, and it’s something that can be attached to just one person in one’s lifetime, okay?”


“Eh? Uhm… that… eh? I’m the partner?”

“I’m looking forward to our marriage ceremony, okay, my dear wife?”

“…?! What?! Myaaaaaaa!!”



I smiled with my whole face and whispered gently close to her ear just as Bertia was beginning to regain her composure.

The moment I took the opportunity to lightly kiss her on the cheek, she turned bright red and raised a cat-like scream. Looking at her like this, I’m convinced that my life from now on will surely be very interesting.




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  1. Inarizushi is sushi rice wrapped in fried tofu.

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