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Chapter 6

Adjustment After Transmigrating


To be honest, I remember those old days when I first transmigrated as excruciating.

The elementary school that I went to in Machida had their uniform. Obviously, I’d rather pick up the boy’s uniform but the orphanage caretakers and the school teachers forbid me, so…

For the first time in my life, I had to wear a skirt.

I felt as if I was cosplaying. No, crossdressing to be exact.


The breezy sensation I felt from using skirt was… weird. The girly uniform seemed wasted with my behavior that was more like a boy’s. Rather than talking femininely, I also talked like a boy, with male pronoun.

Although I was originally girly compared to other manly boys due to what they call my cute face, but I always behaved as manly as I could, since I was a boy.

After all my efforts trying to behave as manly as I could, now they were telling me to behave more feminine… Urkh, as if one could easily change their daily behavior!


Peeing and taking a bath were awkward to me, as I felt that my body really changed.

However, not taking care of my hygiene would not be beneficial, so I had to quickly get used to my new body.


However, clothes were different thing. I wore boys’ clothes outside of school, since that way, I’d feel more comfortable.

This behavior of mine seemed weird, so I was teased and bullied by some of the children in the orphanage.

I blurted out about my life in my original world several times, and that labelled me as a chuunibyou.


And I thought children had good imagination and would not view me with that weird eyes just like the adults, but instead they teased me for not being able to distinguish imagination and reality.

Nevertheless, I figured it’d be easier for me to say that I suffered from amnesia, so that I won’t need to talk about my past days as Fumitsuna Chiharu.


After years passed by, my memories as Fumitsuna Chiharu started to be hazy and seemed so ridiculous as it was totally out of this world.

As an adult, sometimes I doubted those memories. But now, it’s undeniable. The fact that I’ve been transmigrated back with my original gender confirmed that I was truly a son born into the Fumitsuna branch family. That my memories were not altered by anything.


Now though… I feel so uncomfortable… because I feel like peeing but I am not sure I’d love to see what I can find down there…

Well, I’ve seen my husband’s, but seeing is different from actually having it myself, and then the need to use that.

Let’s recall back that sensation…


Back then, I felt so weird for missing something.

But now, I feel so weird for having something that I’ve been missing for quite a long time.


…Oh right, so if I were to return as a male, would that mean that my husband and I are engaged in a BL mode?!

…no, no, no, stop the weird imagination, me!

…Right, I gotta pee!!


“Fuuchan, Tsucchan, I’m going to go around the bushes to pee… don’t go too far from me… Oh, you guys want to pee, too? I’ll help you two first…”

“…Uuuuuu, how can you be so calm to the idea of peeing here, Mom?” Fuuchan protested.

“Uhm, just consider it as camping…? If you’re holding it, we don’t know when we’ll reach the town or village… maybe you’ll wet yourself before we reach it…”


Fuuchan looked down and she said no more in her defense.

“Mo~m, want me to teach you?” Tsucchan grinned.

“…No, I’m good…,” I said.


I can’t imagine being taught how to pee by my own son…….

I know I can figure it out since I had my… uh, hazy memories as a male?

Anyhow, I believe it will work out one way or another!!



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