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Observation Record of a Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 10.3

Please note that I’m trying another way to replace the magical button as anti content-theft measure and I’m testing it out here. So, please scroll and click the second link I’m putting in this post for the real content, definitely not for Yoda one.

Chapter 10.3 for Yoda

Yes, that link above is chapter 10.3 written in Yoda language. I read somewhere that it would be an effective bait for those aggregator bots. But I don’t know how effective it is, so let’s try! If it works, that link above will have its content changed to mimic the latest chapter but in Yoda or any other language.

Anyway, this is a sponsored chapter, so thanks for littlewolfpup and AzuraValle! Thanks for all patron: Patrick F and Ayesha! ^^ Here is chapter 10.3 for humans.

Observation Record of A Villainess’ Fiance 10.2

Suddenly, the next part is ready?!

This chapter is brought to you by LynneSuzuran and Senhiro~♥ We will be collaborating to bring a faster release to you all ^^

Read chapter 10.2 right now!

Note that we are changing Gyafun to Downfall from this chapter onward, read how the context is used in this part and you’ll know why~

Marietta-hime no Konrei 32

This is a sponsored chapter!

Special thanks to JoJ CeeC and every patron: San-Kyu I, first last.


Read chapter 32 right now!

PS: The magical button also appears in chapter 32~ Click the button so you can get the right chapter!


Other notes about upcoming chapters:

  • Chapter 33’s length is double the usual length, so I’ll be splitting it into 2 parts.
  • The extra chapters’ length also varies from 1.5x to 2x the normal length, so I’ll be splitting some and making changes to the sponsored chapter count, adjusting the counter to the chapter length~

Different World Gender Change 41

Read chapter 41 right now.
This is an attempt to make sure the link and everything is correct–since the site’s content went poof! And can’t be restored. Thank you, thank you so much *cries*
No magical button is added because it would rob me another time to configure–besides it’s served its purpose by tricking the aggregator site!
I apologize for any lost comment due to the process ><
Special thanks for every patron!
[Patrons: Patrick F, Christiine G, Matthew T, Taimee S]

Observation Record of A Self-proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance Character Page~!

This post is made to notify you guys that I just added a character page for Observation Record of A Self-proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance.

It’s because I found out that the novel page in Alphapolis gave the preview on character page, so you can take a look at the characters’ illustration ^^

My eyesight is bad and the image is stretched out when I try to zoom it in, so the character details won’t be translated (for the moment?)–but the character details contain the information you’ve already known from the story, like how Bertia is Cecil’s fiancee and how she is the villainess of the game.

Enjoy the image of the characters!

Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 10.1

Hi, everyone!

This post might not surprise you guys who have read my messages in NUF or the news/schedule section (…in this blog’s footer widget, like anyone would read that lol). And yes, since I’m done with The Flower Selling Girl, I decided to continue translating one of my favorite novels which has gone hiatus for quite some time!

Please kindly read more information about this novel~


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Different World Gender Change 40

Hi and we are back with another release of Different World, Gender Change!

Before you proceed to the chapter, I’m trying to change the style of the page to prevent aggregator sites from stealing the translation~


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Marietta-hime no Konrei 31

I am sure this is the chapter you’re all waiting for!!

I’m pleased to announce that you guys can go and read chapter 31 right now~


Special thanks to all patron!

[Library Lover: Browser, Bryan N, Dtb Blank]

[Library Supporter: Alexandr Z, Patrick F]

[Series Supporter: San-Kyu I, first last]

Different World Gender Change 39

Hello, and back with another chapter on Seiren’s holiday arc in the villa~

Now, what kind of story awaits us?

Hint: Chapter title pretty much sums up the content of the chapter!


Go and read chapter 39 now.


Special thanks for every patron!

[Library Lover: Browser, Bryan N, Dtb Blank]

[Library Supporter: Alexandr Z, Patrick F]

[Series Supporter: Christiine G, Matthew T, Taimee S]


Marietta-hime no Konrei 30

The long awaited chapter 30 is here!

Should I still give NSFW warning? Hmm, I don’t think there is no need for this series!!

Also, this chapter is a sponsored chapter ^^ which means I still have one more chapter for you guys this May.


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