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But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 2

Chapter 2




I wonder if there is such a thing called fate?

I wonder how is anyone’s fate ever decided?

I wonder if everything is already predetermined… and that I just have a bad, bad luck?

The world is such an unfair place if that is the case.

Yes, if that is the case, then I don’t even want to live in this world.

Yet, here I am…

So I wonder, do I have any raison- d’être at all?

If so, what is it?

I am not even useful to my mother, and it seems like my existence doesn’t matter in my family.

I wonder if I will live to learn what the reason for my existence is?


Wandering around the town while thinking about my own existence, I realized that it has become quite late.


“Huh, oh… I don’t feel like going home, though…”

After I have finally managed to find a reason to go out, I never want to return quickly. After I return, my “queen” training would begin again.


I have no ambition at all.

I just want to disappear quickly.

If a person like me, who just wants to die, gets chosen as the queen, I would ask if the king is sane enough or not. Even if it is something to celebrate for my family, sure… and then I can be of use to my family.

What if I were to be some noble’s wife…?

Oh, I guess my status is high, so of course I can give birth to a child that is of high nobility.

Even so, I might end up as my mother before she gave birth to my brother.

A woman, unloved, lonely, and even went to such length as to get harsh trainings on her daughter.

I would rather die than treat my child the same way as I was treated.


At that moment—

Out of nowhere, a ball of something that seemed like rock fell and hit my head.

Ouch!!!, it hurts.!!!

A lot…

I heard something cracking. Was it my skull?

The hell was up with that rock?! The force is so awesome if it really did crack my skull… wait…

I remember that a blunt force that cracks your skull open can kill you.


So… if this is not called fate, then I do not know what it is.

To die at the same day I submit my cell donor consent?

My, what honor. At least I can finally be useful.



Hm? It’s sad that my reason of existence is to live miserably until my time of death and then let my cells be donated?

Hey, if I can save more than one life using this insignificant life of mine, then I guess it is all worth it.

Despite not receiving and never knowing the warmth of love, since I was born in a rich family, I got plenty of delicious food and clothes, thank you. My quality of life is great. So, you can say I have “enjoyed life”, right?

I guess I have pretty much experienced what it means to be alive. So now I can drop dead in peace, right?

So whoever casted or threw that rock, I feel grateful to you. I hope they ruled it as an accident so that whoever assisted my death won’t be punished severely….Are you even a human, though…? That force really was something.

Oh, and… my death also means less burden to my family. Now the money spent for me will no longer be needed, they can save it for something else. How wonderful.


And that marks my last thought as everything around me turns black and the pain that I felt just now has started to disappear.




“A little girl was hit by a stray piece of meteorite that fell from the sky and right now, she is in a critical condition in the nearby hospital. Based on physical examination and her belongings, she is positively identified to be the only daughter of the current Grabberton family…”

A hologram delivered the shocking news of the unfortunate accident anyone would never have thought of happening in a well-structured room in a manor. Hologram technology has been used since a decade ago in this world as a means of delivering news or other shows—one could call it the enhancement of old technology called television.


A glass of water just got dropped from someone’s hand. The person looks so shocked—his fine skin turns pale as he is watching the news.

“My, my, Clyde! What is going on?” Kania who heard the sound of the shattered glass quickly opened the door to the room and walks towards the young boy with blonde hair and amber eyes.

“Mother… the news just now… Is it true that… Carnatia…?” asked Clyde.



And so, shortly after she was taken to the hospital, the life of the little girl named Reinst Carnatia Grabberton had come to an end.

Just as she wished.



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  1. Well… at least her half-brother cared.

    • was about to say the same thing…question is: did she care about him?

      from what was written, she was 100% alienated from anyone else apart from her mother, and that particular one wasn’t a connection to cherish either

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