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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 12

There is NSFW part in this chapter! The beginning of it would be marked in red~


Chapter 12

Wizard’s Returning Home


“The enemies are attacking from both the right side and the left side!!”

“Stay alert not only to whatever is in front, pay attention to your surroundings!”

“Don’t kill just everyone! Let some people live and arrest them!”

“”Yes, General Wizard!!””



Wizard is in the middle of a war right now.

The army that Wizard led didn’t kill everyone, but they left some of the prisoners alone.

Those prisoners would become their bargaining chips.

The country where Wizard live is Linkle.

While the enemy country is Yuucyn.



The number of soldiers in the Yuucyn army isn’t that many.

Meanwhile, Linkle army’s number of soldiers is strangely a lot.

It means that there are many hot-blooded people in Linkle.

They are most likely gathered from groups of people who love fighting.

It’s often heard that as a result of day-to-day strict training with Wizard, there are rarely people in the army who behave recklessly.

Although Wizard thinks that it’s not good if there’s only a reasonable amount of subordinates, but he’s also troubled when there are far too many subordinates.



The victory was decided in the blink of an eye.

It was Linkle’s victory.

They caught several people and succeeded in bringing them back as prisoners.

I wanted to go home as soon as possible and meet with my cute Lise.

With that in mind, he hurriedly rushed home.



Before returning to the mansion, he threw the prisoners into the prisons owned by the military.

The guards are in charge of taking care of their meals.

With that, one battle came to an end.

Wizard returned home using a horse that could run fast.

It’s midnight right now.

Everyone is supposed to be asleep.



After taking a bath, Wizard entered the couple’s bed room, and there, Lisa was still awake.

“Lise?! What are you doing in the middle of the night?!”

“I… I was praying…”

So, she really prayed for my sake…

Thinking that, Wizard’s heart was filled with love.

“Lise, I love you.”



Being told that, Lise touched Wizard’s face.

“Fufufu, it’s a scary-looking face, as usual.”

“Do you hate me for my scary-looking face?”

“No, I love you.”

Lise clearly said that.

Wizard never heard such words from Lise so far.

However, Lise just clearly said [I love you].



“What’s wrong? For you to be saying that kind of thing so suddenly, is this some sort of a trap?”

“That’s not true! Well, from now on, you’ll be going to war over and over again, right?”

“Yeah, since it’s my job, after all.”

“That’s why. I think I need to properly convey whatever I really want to tell you.”


(Ah, that’s why she said, “I love you”)



Lise who suddenly became bashful, encouraged Wizard to sleep.

“Since it’s already this late, let’s go to the bed right now.”

“Even if you tell me that, after saying such adorable thing, how can I let you sleep?”

“Eh…? Could it be?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

“No way! I’m already so sleepy!”

“I can’t hear you.”

It’s a situation similar to a frog that’s already being stared by a snake.



Lise was abruptly held and then thrown onto the bed.

After easily taking off her nightgown, her underwear was also removed at the same time.

And then, Wizard removed his own clothes.

Wizard pushed Lise down.



[NSFW Alert!]

“I’m not going to do anything painful, so please don’t be so scared.”

“I’m not frightened. I’m only embarrassed!”

“That’s interesting.”


“A, ahn. Yaah…”

Wizard began caressing Lise’s breasts.

It was obvious how Lise gradually lost her strength.



“Yaaahn, haah, ahn…”

Lise began to moan as Wizard played the pink tips on top of her bulging with his mouth.

And then, he teased her other breast.

By doing so, Wizard saw that Lise was rubbing her own legs.

He grasped both of her knees and opened it widely, to see the state of her honey pot.

It was already soaked wet.



“I only teased your breasts, but you have become so wet, eh.”

“I hate Wizard-sama who said those kind of things lightly!”

Lise pouted and turned away from Wizard.

“Didn’t you just tell me that you love me?”

Lise tried to close her legs.

However, she couldn’t close her legs because Wizard’s body obstructed her from doing so.



Wizard then proceeded to put in two fingers.

“Nn, aah!!”

He moved his two fingers loosely inside of Lise’s honey pot.


Since it hit her sweet spots, Lise came.

Wizard pulled his fingers out and showed it in front of Lise.

Lise’s face turned red.

Wizard enjoyed Lise’s reaction.




“I will put it in next.”


“No? Why?”

“Because it’s so big… it’s scary.”

“It’s alright. It can go in smoothly, just you see.”

Wizard slowly put it in, as if he was showing it off on purpose.


“Look, it went in smoothly, right?”

“Haa, haa, haa…”

“I’m going to move.”

After saying that, Wizard began to move his hips intensely all of a sudden.



“Noo… so rough…”

“Doesn’t it feel good when it’s rough?”


 “A, ahn. Noo. If you’re that rough…”


Lise came again.

The inside of Lise’s honey pot was squirming, and it entangled Wizard’s twitching rod.



Wizard began to move his hips even more roughly.

He was doing that for quite a long time.

Lise waited for the end while enduring the pleasure that she felt each time she came.

“Ahn, yaah, ahnnn…”

Lise panted in rhythm.

Hearing that sweet voice all the time, Wizard was almost reaching his limit, too.


While groaning in a low voice, Wizard poured his white liquid inside Lise’s honey pot.

“Haa, haa, haa…”

Wizard panted repeatedly.



Just when Lise was relieved that it ended in one round today, she felt Wizard’s rod that was inside Lise’s honey pot began to get harder and bigger again.


“Now, Lise. Let’s enjoy the second round.”

“No, it’s enough already!”

Lise tried to struggle.



“Don’t struggle. What will you do if you struggled with the wrong amount of strength and injured yourself?”

Hearing those words, Lise ceased her resistance.

In the end, they did a second round.




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